Hello England

By Morgan Halane

The lights in the cabin of the airplane flicked on as the final credits to the superhero film Thor rolled across the tiny screen on the back of the chair in front of me.  Tired, not having slept at all on the trans-Atlantic flight from New York, I switched the channel to a screen showing the current position of the plane.  We were getting very close to the British Isles.  I slowly ate the muffin I was given, and the pilot announced that we would be starting our descent into London’s Heathrow Airport.  I slid up the window shade beside me and looked out at the early morning sun beginning to illuminate a soft bank of clouds.  The plane quickly descended into the clouds, obscuring my view.  Shortly thereafter, however, I witnessed a beautiful sight which will remain in my memory for some time to come, the beautiful English countryside laid out beneath me.  The way that the soft morning sunlight illuminated the fields and trees, the miniature houses and cars, replaced my drowsiness with a different feeling.  The feeling I had as I was about to land in a country which I had never before set foot in was not one of fear, as I had anticipated.  Rather, it was a feeling of delight.  Yes, I was minutes away from being thrust into an entirely new environment by myself, but I had prepared for this moment for years.  The experiences I would have would undoubtedly make me a more confident, independent person.  With a smile on my face I grabbed my belongings, thanked the aircrew and took my first steps into the country I would spend the next four months in.


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