My First Week in Nice

By Cassi Greenlee

The Cote D’Azur offers many beautiful seaside cities. In my first week in southern France, I did my best to see as much of the coast as I could, successfully I believe. First was, of course, my new hometown, Nice.

Along the Promenade des Anglais lays a stretch of pebbly Mediterranean beaches filled with people from all over Europe and the world. Because it is currently tourist season in Nice, you hear different accents and languages on the beach, in the streets, in the stores, in the restaurants, etc. It is difficult at times, and frustrating, to try to use French because English is the automatic language used by business owners and workers here. It is, most likely, the language their customers know. I use French as often as possible and am always happy if someone doesn’t speak English because it forces me to learn how to better express myself in French.

Throughout the streets of Nice are boulangeries, charcuteries, boucheries, fromageries and patisseries. My favorite place in Nice that encompasses all of these different types of food and wares is the famous flower market in Old Nice. Here, among the colorful, old French buildings people bring tall sunflowers, poppies as big as my face, tiger lilies in bright orange, marzipan in the shape of…everything, jars of fresh honey, mounds of grapes and piles of vegetables picked that morning to sell at a fast-pace until things slow down with the heat of the afternoon.

At night there are plenty of restaurants, bars and street performances (not necessarily in the order) to keep anyone entertained for hours.


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