A Walk to Galgate

By Morgan Halane

Just south of Lancaster University lies the quaint little village of Galgate.  Our course coordinator, a resident of Galgate, took a few students, including myself, on a walk from the Lancaster University campus to Galgate for dinner.  Along the way we were given information about the village and surrounding area.  Our coordinator told us that the origin of the name Galgate was from an old phrase meaning ‘road to Scotland.’

Yew trees and headstones in a cemetery

The first stop we made during our walk was a churchyard and cemetery on the outskirts of Galgate.  Our coordinator pointed out a few dark green and rather unusual looking trees dotting the cemetery.  He mentioned that these were yew trees, a very long-lived tree which is often found in British cemeteries. Continuing our walk we arrived into Galgate itself.  We passed a restaurant called The Plough where we would be having dinner  later, the delicious smell of fried chicken and potatoes wafting from the open door.

Boats on the Lancaster Canal

We soon arrived at the Lancaster Canal, complete with many colorful boats moored alongside its edge.  We walked up a very narrow, slightly wet path for a several minutes before arriving at a single lock in what we were told was an extensive series of them.  This particular lock could be operated by anyone with a boat wishing to move farther up the canal.  We were informed that some locks, however, are serviced by a lockmaster who works from a house beside the canal.  The Lancaster Canal goes through several towns, and we were advised that a good way to explore the area might be to take a walk alongside the canal.  We soon began heading back to The Plough, hungry from our extended walk.

The Plough, a popular restaurant in Galgate


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