By Cassi Greenlee

One of the great things about studying abroad is that you finally have the excuse to take up an offer for a visit in a country you normally wouldn’t be in. While visiting a friend in North Carolina over the summer, a met her roommate, Lise. Lise went to engineering school in Grenoble and when I told her I was studying abroad in Nice, she said I was welcome to come visit. With the help of Facebook, I was able to take her up on the offer.

Grenoble was a very important weekend for me because I was able to truly integrate. I spent all my time with French students, rather than my usual international mix. Every night Lise and I were invited out to dinner at friends’ houses. They cooked for us and were incredibly welcoming. It was important for me to be around a different set of young French people, because the students at my school were often cold and distant. It changed my entire perspective.

Autumn in Grenoble.

View from the Bastille. The entire town of Grenoble surronded by the Alps.

The river running through Grenoble.

Me in Grenoble.


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