Cities along the Côte d’Azur

By Cassi Greenlee

Ah, Monaco, where if you’re driving a Mercedes, you are considered to be on the much lower end of the salary scale. As the owner of a Volkswagen Jetta, I felt a bit out of place in Monaco.

Reflection of the Monte Carlo Casino.

My first trip to Monaco was when my mother was in town for a 9 day visit. We arrived there without a plan and we began our visit to Monaco wandering the streets among stores like Cartier, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

Cartier *Le Sigh.



At the front of all these stores were men in suits with earphones, so I decided just to admire the elaborate window displays rather than the merchandise inside. Because we couldn’t afford an afternoon of gambling in the Monte Carlo casino, we stopped and grabbed a sandwich to go. As we were eating, we noticed a small British family with a guide to Monaco. My mother asked the British woman if she knew what was good to do in Monaco and all of a sudden, we were part of a group of five. With our newly found friends we visited the palace overlooking all of Monaco. Since then, I have returned to Monaco to show roommates and friends around the city.

My mom and I in front of the port in Monaco.

It isn’t hard to see why tourists like Cannes, because after spending a day in Monaco, I began to appreciate the cheap shopping opportunities Cannes offers. However, while on my shopping expedition, I learned something very important about female French boutique owners. They have no shame, so you should act as if you don’t either. As I was preparing to try on a sweater dress for the fall, the curtain was ripped open, revealing me, in my underwear, and there was the owner, offering more clothes that would “go” with the outfit I was considering. This happened several times. My mother, who was with me at the time, found it hilarious because what she suggested with the sweater dress was a multi-colored fur vest that would look a bit out of place if I ever brought it back and wore it in Missouri. In addition to the shopping, Cannes has a beautiful port full of yachts, speedboats and old sailboats. Surrounding the port are sandy beaches, much different than those of Nice. Unfortunately I did not see any celebrities there, but in the spring, closer to the film festival, it is very common to see famous people.

The port of Cannes.


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