By Morgan Halane

I made a short trip to Bath on my way back from London. A friend of mine planned to meet me there, so after leaving the train station I decided to do some reading rather than explore by myself. As soon as my friend met up with me we began our excursion through the city. The weather was warm and sunny, ideal for walking around such a stunning city. We first made our way to the highly photographed Royal Crescent, a magnificent, curved structure set behind a sprawling lawn. After taking the obligatory photographs in front of it we headed down a walking path near the Crescent, through some beautiful gardens and back toward the center of the city. We encountered several people exercising and generally taking advantage of the beautiful weather.

One of the many beautiful gardens in Bath

The city of Bath gets its name from the hot springs around the area, the Romans having taken advantage of these natural features by constructing magnificent baths in the city. My friend and I soon came to a mutual decision to visit the Roman Baths. The Roman Baths complex was far more extensive than I was expecting, and it included one central Great Bath as well as several smaller baths, in addition to a temple.

Peering down into one of the Roman Baths

The entire complex was quite captivating. Perhaps my favorite part was just standing and watching the steam rise up from the bubbling hot water. After touring the complex we were given vouchers to try a glass of ‘spa water’ to drink. The water tasted awful, to put it bluntly. I wasn’t very shocked by the taste, because I kind of imagined that it would have a strong mineral taste, which it did. What was slightly more unnerving was that the water wasn’t hot, like other hot drinks would normally be, but lukewarm. My friend tried a cup of lemonade made from this spa water.  I declined his offer to try it, so he took a few sips and tossed it into the nearest garbage bin.


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