Hiking in Silverdale

By Morgan Halane

This weekend I joined two friends for a hike in Silverdale, north of Lancaster.  Getting to Silverdale was simple, just a twenty minute train ride away.  My friend Sam had drawn a map of the area which we referred to a lot throughout our hike.

Sam's map of Silverdale

The first portion of our hike took us through some beautiful terrain, including a sweeping glade and a forest filled with large, moss-covered stones.  Eventually we ended up in the town of Silverdale itself, where we sat down for some tea.  While at the café we charted the route for the next leg of our journey.  It took us along the stunning coastline, through pastures of sheep and higher up into another hilly, forested area.  The top of this area gave us a sweeping view over pastures and the coastline.  We then made our way towards Arnside Tower, a ruin from the Middle Ages.  When we arrived at the tower it began to rain heavily, and the wind picking up along with it.  We quickly came to the decision to head back towards the train station a bit earlier than expected.

A view of pastures and the coast

Our journey back was definitely an adventure as we attempted to decipher our location on the map in the pouring rain.  The rocks on the more rugged areas had become slick because of the rain, which slowed us down.  We eventually made it back safely to Silverdale Station even though the actual route we took was nothing at all like the one we’d planned on taking.  By the time we boarded the train we were all very soaked and looking forward to getting back to our rooms.


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