Thanksgiving in France

By Cassi Greenlee

The Americans at my school, IPAG, in Nice had talked about having a big party for Thanksgiving for some time. We had all been in France for three months, and I think we all felt a little homesick. I know personally it was hard knowing I would be missing out on my mom’s pies, her homemade stuffing, the giant turkey, etc . I was even missing the “Turkey Trot” 5k in the early morning in the freezing cold just because it was something unique I only got to do once a year with my family. But the Americans knew we couldn’t let distance take away our holiday. We hosted a huge dinner with international and American friends alike. The diversity was what made it so great. Many of my friends raved about how much fun their first Thanksgiving was and how they would never forget it. I won’t ever forget it either.

The group gathered for an official Thanksgiving photo.

Turns out, everyone can cook! Just like an American Thanksgiving should be — too much food.

A few more Thanksgiving delights, including homemade stuffing made by my Canadian friend, Jill. It was her Grandma's recipe!


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