Back Home

By Morgan Halane

I’ve been back home in the States for a few days now, and the memories of my time as an exchange student are still fresh in my mind.  People have been asking about how everything went, and I’m sometimes lost for words because there’s just so much I could talk about.  Looking back, I can say I have no regrets about this experience.  It really did exceed my expectations of what I assumed studying abroad in England would be like.  Assuming what it would be like was a mistake, because while some things were as I would’ve expected, many more weren’t.  In the end I’m glad that I had so many surprises on this adventure.  While there were problems at points, I was always able to find a way to overcome them, and everything went much better than I’d anticipated.

I’m truly thankful to have been able to go on this adventure, and the experience I gained reinforced many skills which will be valuable in the future: living alone on a budget, managing time effectively, forging friendships and doing what others expect of you.  Four months is a long time, and while it seemed to fly by very fast I’d really become accustomed to living in Lancaster.  While I’ve been back less than a week, I can say that I’ve been readjusting well.  When I first got back to the States everything seemed so different from England, but in no time at all everything felt familiar once again.  The differences I’d experienced in England disappeared and were replaced with what I’d been used to before I’d gone to Lancaster.  I’m happy to be back home, and I will never forget this adventure.


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