St. Paul de Vence

By Cassi Greenlee

I visited St. Paul de Vence twice while I was in Nice and I couldn’t resist sharing the details of its charms.

Getting there was extremely easy. There was a bus that ran to Vence every hour or so and it only cost one euro for the one hour trip up into the hills. For my first visit to Vence, I traveled with my mother. We were both smitten by the locally owned galleries, small-business owners, restaurants with views of the countryside, small stone-laid streets and windows full of flower baskets. It was a nice break from the heavily populated and tourist saturated summer streets of Nice.

Later on in my study abroad stay, I just had to share St. Paul de Vence with someone else. My roommate Nina had never been and I convinced her to join me for an excursion up to the fortress. Once she arrived she realized that I wasn’t kidding, it really was a charming city with one heck of a view.

I do have an interesting story about Vence. While Nina and I were there, we attracted some attention from two Italian men. By then I was used to being stared at, whistled at, called at, it was just a cultural difference that I had to adjust to while living along the Mediterranean. However, this was an especially strange occurrence. As Nina and I were walking down a set of stone steps, two Italian men started singing “The Entertainer,” while taking pictures of us. Not sure how to act and with no where else to turn, we continued to walk, eyes averted. The whole situation was so unusual that I just laughed it off.


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