Christmas in Tallinn – Part Three

By the time we finished lunch, it was quite dark. The lights were coming out and the streets were becoming enchanted!

We found another small market tucked into the base of the city wall!

As we passed the main market again, it was closing up for the evening. We continued exploring contentedly for some time, although we took fewer pictures in the dim light.

Finally, it was time for dinner. We had enjoyed the curry the night before, but tonight we wanted something typically Estonian.

But then, we found something even better — a medieval restaurant.

One look at the menu, and I couldn’t resist. The attention to detail was just amazing — all the dishes had cute names and descriptions, and they had been careful to include only ingredients that would have been available to medieval Europeans (no tomatoes, no potatoes, no peppers, etc.).

Think lots of smoked meat and rutabaga, candle-light and stoneware vessels… even the bathroom had a theme! Although it did have plumbing, it was rigged up so that you hardly noticed, with everything made out of wood and a hidden pipe feeding a bowl of water that you could pour into a basin for washing.

Tallinn was one of the most amazing places I visited in — against my modest expectations it has become one of my favorite cities. It’s a perfect place to feel that magical Christmas vibe, even in the darkness — and it has a real medieval flavor as well!

Nägemist, Estonia!


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