Finnish New Year

One of the highlights of my winter-time visit to Finland was celebrating New Year’s Eve! It was my first time celebrating outside of the U.S., and it was a great experience.

The most unique part of the evening was melting tin to tell our fortunes. This is a Finnish tradition — you melt little tin horseshoes or other objects in a ladle over the stove, then pour the boiling metal into a bucket of water. It snaps, cracks and — and the resulting shape tells you what you can expect in the coming year!

There are all sorts of possible shapes — one girl’s ended up nearly flat, some were smooth, some were jagged — some broke into a thousand little pieces and others stayed together nicely.

Liisa’s — the first and one of the best

One of my favorites — it looks like a little gargoyle!

A claw?

A quite broken one…

There are some interpretation hints (lots of small, round pieces mean money), but mostly it’s just a free for all. No idea what mine meant…

I even tried holding it by a flame to interpret the shadow… but I’m still mystified!

The rest of the evening was festive as well. We had a sort of progressive party, working our way across town and meeting different friends. And at the stroke of midnight, we watched the fireworks over the Aura river!

We got some great photos as well!

Thanks, Liisa and friends, for welcoming me to your celebration!


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