The Calm Before the Storm

It is just a few days before my big move to South Korea, and it’s safe to say that I’m feeling a little bit too calm about my near future on the other side of the world. Sure I’ve lived abroad before, and yeah it is definitely my favorite past-time, BUT this is Korea we’re talking about! My knowledge of the Korean language is severely limited to the Korean phrasebook my sister gave me as a farewell gift, and I’ve never even tasted Kim Chi. So why am I so calm!?

Well…  here is one excuse: SHOPPING and PACKING! 🙂    

Yes, here is the messy evidence of the damage I did with a credit card, but I’ll admit it is very therapeutic knowing I won’t miss too many of my norms while adapting to Korean life. The over-packing has also been helping me ease some of my excitement before my trip. Can you imagine how anxious I’m feeling after waiting and planning for three months to board a plane? It is all I think about, and I am more than ready to jet off!  (Don’t worry- I won’t be taking three suitcases.)

(Anecdote) >>>> The first person I ever met at Mizzou was an exchange student from South Korea. He lived in Columbia for 3 years and just recently moved back to Seoul to join the military. Let me just say that knowing someone in such a foreign place is a HUGE stress-reliever because it is nice to know that I’ll have a one-man  support system who knows how to speak Korean.

Thanks in advance for translating services.

Last, but not least in my excerpt of prepping for the trip, I’d like to share that somehow I got lucky and my best friend and college roommate will be accompanying me on this journey overseas. Our first adventure was a study abroad program in Guadalajara, Mexico that we were able to stretch out seven months. Now we’ll be able to create many more memories while teaching English and learning about a culture we have never experienced before. I am sure that having the opportunity to explore our new surroundings together will make for an unforgettable experience, and I will be sharing it with you all, so keep checking back!

Evidence from our adventures in Guadalajara, Mexico

So that about wraps up all the reasons I claim I’m not nervous before my six months in South Korea, but don’t be fooled…

       __|__       I'll freak out when I'm in the air... =)

3 responses to “The Calm Before the Storm

  1. Hey Ashleigh!
    Great first post! I look forward to hearing about your adventures in South Korea. Make sure not to overpack too much – whatever you bring you’ll have to cart through several airports and to whever you’re going to live. That being said, don’t to bring along some trinkets from America to use for lesson planning and share with your students. American coins, a small flag, “good job” stickers, and pictures of your family, friends and campus can be used over and over in class, adding a sense that English is more than just something one studies and American culture is more than just what is seen in the movies.

    Jeanne Beck
    International Center Study Abroad Resource Room Manager

  2. Good luck! Orientation is a blast. Enjoy it!

  3. Thanks guys! Im having so much fun already, and I’ve only been here a week. 😀

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