A Day at the Farm

So last Saturday everyone was required to go on a sort of field trip to learn about life on a traditional farm in South Korea. I will admit that at first I was not too pumped to go walk around a farm for four hours in the freezing cold, but once we got there I had an amazing time. It was such a peaceful place, and we got to experience traditional food and games alongside real Korean farmers. Not to mention, the countryside was so scenic with the mountains in the background.

We spent the day kite flying in a field, making rice cakes and tofu (not my favorite), and playing games that were started hundreds of years ago. We even got to see some of the locals fly around in what looked like home-made paragliding machines. Needless to say, it was a real eye-opener to walk a day in the shoes of a farmer, and it was nice to learn about some of the traditional culture of Korea.

This was one of the men hosting our group at the farm and he is wearing his traditional clothing. He spoke no English, but he was so helpful and generous to everyone and really enjoyed shoving rice cakes in our faces.

This was some of the food we got to eat and so far the best I have had in Korea. It was interesting because we all had to take off our shoes at the door and sit on the floor to eat, but it was so comfortable because their floors are heated (something I will be investing in when I get back to the States).

And of course there is always time for a photo opp when you’re anywhere in South Korea, so we taking advantage of the situation. I have a lot of good videos of the games we played and the flying machines, so that will be next up when I figure it out.


One response to “A Day at the Farm

  1. I think that day sounds like a lot of fun… especially the kite flying and all the games. I think it is so cool that you are learning to eat with chop sticks too! I just love all the pictures!

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