Dress to Impress in Jochiwon

Today was really exciting! It has been two weeks since I arrived, and we finally got to meet our supervisors today. This Friday we will be shipping off to our different provinces, and we will be doing a one week orientation there. Everyone was so happy to finally know some more details about the cities they will be living in and mostly the schools that we will be working in. My assigned elementary school is called Chilbo in Jeongeup and it only has a just over 60 students total! I have never even heard of a school that small, so this will definitely be interesting to experience.

This is a picture of everyone who will be living in my province: Jeonbuk. 




My friends and I also chose to check out some of the optional cultural activities today, and we attempted to make kites… Mine didn’t turn out very good, but it was really fun anyway.

Above left: We gave our orientation coordinator Yoonie (I’m not sure how to spell it in English) an MU t-shirt as a thank you gift for being so awesome.

~Side note: Korean University, which is where I am currently located, is also home to the Tigers, so us Missourians fit right in.~

After the day was done our whole group had an outing to do some Korean-style bowling, which is exactly the same as American-style bowling with K-pop music in the background. Not to brag, but I was on a bowling team in the fourth grade, and I think it gave me an advantage over the competition. Just kidding, but we did find some pro bowling gloves that we had to take a photo with. Unless it was just me, I think the gloves actually made us worse bowlers, but we looked good doing it.


2 responses to “Dress to Impress in Jochiwon

  1. If you feel like cheering for the Tigers in Korea, catch a baseball game in Gwangju (Jeollanamdo)!

  2. I think your kite came out really good! Wow, your school is really small! I love all the pictures…cool tiger painted on the steps too!

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