Goodbye Jochiwon

For our last night in Jochiwon the TaLK Team took the whole program to Seoul for a shopping trip and a show at Nanta Theatre. If you have never heard of Nanta look it up, and buy a ticket because it is AMAZING! When I first sat down in the seats, I had no idea what to expect and then three guys and a girl ran out on stage and started drumming with knives and pretty much every other utensil that could be found in a kitchen while putting on a really funny show. It sounds silly, but it was so brilliant. The music they made with all those random items was awesome, and they even pulled people onto the stage to help “cook”! I guess Stomp meets Korea in the kitchen is the best way to describe it. Apparently it is one of the top 10 tourists attractions in Korea and people come from all over the world to see it, so we are pretty lucky. (Wish I had pics of the show, but they wouldn’t let us take any.)

And here are some videos from my time here in Jochiwon with TaLk:


Kite flying on the farm in Jochiwon. The farmers make their own paper kites and let us try them out.

This is what they do for a bit of fun on the farms here in South Korea after a long days work.

A look inside of the classroom during orientation. We are learning how to play games for English learning

Having a little fun in Seoul with the local noodle restaurant ;]

A funny clip of my friend who was playing soccer and his shoe flung up onto the roof. They are trying to get it down

Yesterday orientation came to  a close and 223 foreigners, myself included, are now certified TaLkers in South Korea. Yay! It was a long three weeks in Jochiwon, and it felt like freshman year of college, but it was one of the most rewarding and unforgettable events of my life! I already miss it, but I know there is still a lot of fun in my near future as a teacher.

Shout out to…

The Crew aka Team 1



One response to “Goodbye Jochiwon

  1. Stomp meets Korea in the kitchen had me laughing out loud, lol! Nanta sounds amazing and I loved all of your videos. I loved the paragliding one that looks so cool!

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