Welcome to Jeonju

Sorry I have been M.I.A as far as blogging. Since I left Jochiwon, I have been very busy settling into the city of Jeonju, and I just recently gained access to Internet in my apartment. A lot has happened these past two weeks, so I have plenty of stories to tell.

To start off with, my first week in Jeonju I lived in dorms with all the other Jeonbuk province TaLK scholars. As much as I loved orientation in Jochiwon, I am so grateful for that one week of orientation with the provincial office of education for Jeonbuk scholars. It was specifically catered to our smaller group and we got a lot of inside information on the cities we now live in and the schools where we teach. It was a such a great chance to bond even closer with the people who live nearby, and we also were introduced to former TaLK scholars who still live and teach in Jeonbuk. That being said, the adjustment to Jeonju life has been very smooth with all their tips about living/teaching here long term.

One event that was a great cultural experience and bonding experience was watching a soccer match between Korea and Uzbekistan. Even though it was freezing outside, the stadium was packed, and I got see just how much Korea loves soccer… and loves winning.

This is everyone inside the stadium after the game. It was a cold day, but all the hype from the game made every second worth it!

Another cool thing we all did as a big group was go to the Trick Art museum in Jeonju. I don’t know if there are any of these in the U.S., but it was a lot of fun to see how our pictures turned out later.

Watching people try different poses with all the artwork was really funny, and in the end the pictures always seemed to turn out different than we had expected. By far, this was one of the coolest art museums I have been to.


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