A Look Inside the Classroom

My kids are already used to me snapping pictures and taking videos of them because I whip out my camera so much, but they are always giving me such good photo/video ops. Here are just a select few, so you can see what class with Ashleigh Teacher is like. I have a huge collection already, and I plan to actually put them together to make a video for the school soon, so look forward to that in a future blog!

These are my 3rd graders practicing recognizing shapes and numbers.


This is what we do before class starts. Meet Sunny the musical prodigy.


This is an excerpt of 6th grade. We are playing the Balloon Game where each team has to answer any question I choose and then they roll the dice to try and pop the other teams “balloon.” Turn your speakers down because they are SUPER loud.


This is my 2nd Grade class doing the Hello Song and dance I made up. They love it and it’s hilarious because its so catchy I hear them humming it on the playground.


This is one of my favorite vids so far! I was playing a game where I shout a number and the kids have to get in groups of that number. Jokingly I shout ZERO and all the kids just drop to the floor. I couldn’t stop laughing  and they loved it.


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