Om de ‘Syv’ Fjell — About the ‘Seven’ Mountains

So apparently, Bergen is “the City among Seven Mountains.” The fact that Bergen is actually surrounded by NINE mountains doesn’t seem to deter its residents from claiming all the mythological and historical impact of lucky number seven.

Seven, nine, whatever — mountains are awesome, and having a veritable Smorgåsbord of them at my feet is going to be one of the highlights of this semester for me.

I’m on a quest to climb them all!


Bonus Mountain — Mount Blåmanen

Poor Blåmanen. Higher than Lyderhorn, Damsgårdsfjellet, Løvstakken, Fløyen, and Sandviksfjellet… closer to the city than Ulriken… and a lovely peak at that… but perpetually shut out, forgotten, ignored, excluded from that mystical count of seven.

Blåmanen’s sole crime is being caught between other mountains. You have to climb Fløyen, Sandviken, or Rundemanen to reach the top, and the peaks of the four tend to bunch together when seen from a distance. It’s hard to call all four of them independent mountains – and so, at some point, Rundemanen took the fall.

And that’s too bad, because it’s lovely.

My friend Ffinlo and I climbed up in a bit of a rush just before the Easter vacation, but we took time to enjoy this lovely view…

… as well as this awesome stone path, now in disrepair. It reminded me of walking on old Roman walls and such in Scotland. I wish more paths in the Bergen area looked this epic!

The weather started out decent and got progressively worse, until a mass of threatening clouds met us at the peak and started pelting us with snow and hail.

Once upon time, it would have scared me – but now I had extra clothes, I was close to home, and, while my fingers got a bit chilly as we stood at the top for the inevitable summit shots, I actually enjoyed the picturesque shades of grey.

View of Ulriken from Blåmanen.


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