Time Fillers

Since I’m working as a TaLK teacher, I only work part-time during the after-school program. This means I have a lot of extra time on my hands outside of teaching, and I have been doing my best to make every minute here count. One of my friends who also teaches at Chilbo Elementary helped me get enrolled into piano lessons, and it turned out even better than I could have thought. I have been playing the piano for years, but I was getting a little rusty since becoming a college kid. My thought was that I could take lessons in Korea because this country is known for producing some amazing musicians, and I could also learn a new flavor/style of music. The only problem was that it can cost over $100 a month if you are an advanced player, so I found myself reconsidering. Luckily for me, the piano teacher just happened to offer a deal without me even mentioning that it was too expensive. She offered that in exchange for me playing with her adorable little four-year-old daughter in English for 30 minutes after each lesson, she would teach me for an hour twice a week, and I would have complete free access to the practice rooms seven days a week. Of course I accepted, and I am so glad I did because having piano back in my life feels like I’m not letting my skills go to waste after years of practice.

I also started playing darts with my friends about three times a week. There is even a free tournament on Thursdays, so every Thursday, without fail, my friends and I all go and sign up. I had never found darts fun until Korea (probably because no one ever taught me how to really play), but now I am addicted! Some of my darts nights have been abominable, but I have claimed third place twice now which I am so proud of because my competition has been pretty fierce at times.

Dancing has also consumed my life even more than it ever did before. It is impossible to escape music in this city. No matter where you go there is music blasting loudly into the streets to try to draw you into the stores, but I’m not complaining. I have always loved dancing and bouncing around to music, and I spent a few years when I was younger doing classes, but then I got lazy. Now that I’m here though, it’s creeping back into my life. Actually more like bombarding my life. Korea has a completely different style of dancing that I am so impressed with. The country is addicted to shuffling, but they do it their own way, and it is so much more fun because you get to just jump around a lot. I’m trying to learn some of the more popular moves because it seems like everyone with Korean blood is amazing at shuffling or break dancing, and I just want to fit in. But they make it look so easy, and I’m really uncoordinated, so we shall see how this plays out. (Got to have faith!)

Anyway, that’s about everything I do with most of my time when I’m not working or with friends, and I feel so much more productive than I have in awhile. I still need to find a SMALL mountain to climb, but I think I’m putting it off subconsciously because I don’t even like climbing the stairs. That should probably be a good story when I get around to it. I’ll see if I have any pictures to add of my hobbies later today, but class is about to start, and I’m teaching it….. so CIAO.


One response to “Time Fillers

  1. Mountain climbing > Stair climbing, don’t worry! I climb 1-3 mountains a week here in Norway and yet I loathe coming up six flights of stairs to my dorm! Loving your posts!

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