Strawberry Festivities

Korea holds festivals for everything at least once a month, and I attended my first one last weekend — the Strawberry Festival in Nunsan.

The day started out a little shaky when we woke up late. We rode a bus for two hours and then ended up at the right terminal, but the driver wouldn’t let us off because he thought we just wanted a bathroom stop. So eventually we ended up about 30 minutes past our original destination in the middle of no where and had to find our way back. It was pretty funny to see the look on all our faces when we realized that we had passed our stop.

When we did get there, I was so excited! I am pretty crazy about strawberries, so I was in heaven the entire time. They had everything from chocolate covered strawberries and fondu to strawberry cake and smoothies… So good. By the end I was so stuffed, and I blew all of my money on strawberry everything, but it was worth it. We also happened to run into a lot of other TaLK scholars from different provinces. It seemed like everyone was there, so it was money well spent.

This is how they make strawberry jam and it looked/smelled delicious.

This doesn’t really have anything to do with strawberries… but who doesn’t like coconuts?


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