Hanok Village

One of the most famous places in Jeonju where I live is a historical site called Hanok Village. I have been there a few times now, and there is so much to explore. You walk down cobblestone streets lined with beds of flowers and the air smells like a mixture of every kind of food you can imagine. Its a great place to go especially if you are looking for nick-knacks and souvenirs because Hanok Village has so many strange stores or antique-looking places. It is such a peaceful place, and its the perfect way to spend an afternoon if I’m just interesting in relaxing and wandering around.

This was a really embarrassing attempt at making a cup out of clay in Hanok Village. It translates “I am the best,” which is a really popular song and catchy lyric in Korea.


This is a picture inside the walls of the old palace. It is sort of like a scenic park encased by old stone walls.






Like I said, when you walk down any street in this area there are just hundreds of flowers. It’s so beautiful! I wish my camera could do it more justice.


This was one of my favorite random stores that we played around in when we were exploring. It was like little Africa in the middle of Korea





This is a good look at what most of Hanok Village looks like. Timeless and calm


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