Om de ‘Syv’ Fjell — About the ‘Seven’ Mountains

So apparently, Bergen is “the City among Seven Mountains.”” The fact that Bergen is actually surrounded by NINE mountains doesn’t seem to deter its residents from claiming all the mythological and historical impact of lucky number seven.

Seven, nine, whatever — mountains are awesome, and having a veritable Smorgåsbord of them at my feet is going to be one of the highlights of this semester for me.

I’m on a quest to climb them all!


Mountain No. 6 — Mount Lyderhorn

I didn’t want to like Lyderhorn.

It was the furthest mountain away from my residence hall, and it didn’t even have any funny letters in its name — Borrrrinnngggg.

But somewhere along the way, it won me over.

Was it the extensive ruined fortress Ffinlo and I found just up the first incline?

The foreboding, fenced off areas in the lower forest?

The mysterious labyrinth we found ourselves walking in circles around?

The legends of witches meeting there to cast spells over the city?

The long history of multinational city watches that would wait out the nights here, looking out over the harbour?

The sudden shifts to freezing rain, and the long, hard slog through the mud? (Okay, probably not!)

The brilliant greens and blues that came out with the sunshine?

The rainbows dancing around the twin peak in the distance?

The fantastic views over the archipelago?

Okay, Lyderhorn, maybe I like you, just a little bit!


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