Shilla Millenium Park

Last week the program I work for invited all of the TaLK Scholars in Jeollabuk-do to go on a culture trip to Gyeongju Province for three days. The first day we were taken to a place called Silla Millenium Park near to our hotel. The park was a huge cultural experience, and there was so much to explore there.

It was built in remembrance of the Silla Dynasty and ruler Gyeongju Kim who reigned over Korea nearly 1200 years ago. In order to educate all of the visitors about this rather important piece of Korean history, they had a spectacular martial arts/stunts show relating the historical events which led to the Silla Dynasty ruling over all of Korea. Actors did fight scenes only feet away from us and they even had simulated bombs and ships sinking into the sea. After we watched this show, we walked around the park for a few hours and discovered housing replicas and hundreds of statues from this time period as well. There was plenty of photo ops for us with all the scenery, so here are some of my favorite ones. Enjoy.

Our welcoming party into Silla MIllenium Park.

Castle Replica where we saw a performance of how the Silla Dynasty allied with China to conquer the other two Kingdoms of Korea.

One of the actors during the play of how Silla got their way.

Waterfall on our walking path.

Building replica of Silla architecture from way back when.

Just a little view of the park.

Having a little fun with the statues.


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