Temple View

This was definitely my favorite part of the Gyeongju trip. We did a lot of hiking to see some very famous temples. Temples on mountain tops were a huge part of what I associated Korea with before I even ever got here, so when I got to see my first one up close, I felt like I stepped out of reality for a second.

These are inside of a small temple we passed through  and are replicated in many of the others. There are a total of four different statues, and they are sacred in Buddhist religion, so we saw many people praying to them.

This next picture is of another temple we had to drive up a huge mountain to get to.

Inside this temple you can see a huge bell much like the one I posted in the last blog from the Shilla Museum.

So many stairs to climb to get to the top, but it is always worth it.

I was pretty surprised to be taking a picture of a pig statue, but it was a golden pig statue, so this is completely justified. I believe it brings good luck, so we made sure to touch it before we left.

This next picture is one of my favorites because tons of people were bowing to this statue outside of the main Buddhist temple, and I caught it on camera.

Not sure what it says, but I’m pretty sure it says something about the Zodiac Calendar.

Basically the zodiac calendar in statue form. All around the giant white horse were the different zodiac signs. It was like a maze of animals.

This scary guy is the snake, which is the best one because it is my year.

This building definitely deserved a photo since there is a chunk missing. I think I missed the jump in the air memo though.

We actually got to go the very top of the tower, and this is the view that we found…

Last but not least —  FLOWER POWER!


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