The Wonderful World of K-pop

I had an amazing opportunity to go to a live recording of Music Bank TV, which is a huge collaboration of some of the most popular groups in the K-pop (Korean pop music) business. This was definitely one of the coolest culture experiences I’ve had yet. Nothing screams Korean culture like K-pop and I had a front row seat.

Korean pop is a whole new world of music that I never knew existed before my time here. It’s like Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls mixed with Lady Gaga’s clothes and Usher’s dance moves. Unlike the states, Korea is obsessed with boy bands and girl bands, and they pour their souls into loving their music idols.

The U.S. fell pretty quickly out of love with pop groups, but I’ll admit there’s always a place in my heart for them. In Korea, there are tons of K-pop stars and groups, and their music is impossible to avoid in this country. K-pop is everywhere.

Apparently, the stars begin professional training long before they debut, and money is poured into making them stand out as much as possible. If you have ever seen a K-pop music video you would know what I mean. Their styles are so quirky and wild or super girly and cute.

Although they might seem pretty crazy and very different from what America is used to, they do put on an amazing show, and I  have to admit I’m a K-pop fan girl now.


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