A Bike Ride by the Beach: Seonyudo Island

About an hour bus ride gets me to Gunsan city, which is only a ferry ride away from some very small but very beautiful islands. My friends and I decided to take a day trip to Seonyudo Island, which can be circled by foot in just under two hours or by bike in a quarter of that time. We chose to doing some biking, and it turned out to be a real adventure. After biking by the beach, chasing crabs and stopping for a fresh seafood luch,  we discovered a path that led to the top of a small mountain. Only about 25 minutes of hiking, and we had a view to die for. On our slab of rock in the sky, the water rippled out beneath us and we could see the entire span of the island we had just crossed.

Take a look for yourself:

Korea is so full of adventure. I’ve been here five months and still everything is brand new.


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