Muddy Festivities

Sorry I have been M.I.A these past couple of weeks! The summer in Korea has turned out to be even more fun-filled than the winter, so I haven’t been spending much time indoors. This country really knows how to throw a good time. The summer is chalk-full of festivals to choose from, and I finally got to spend the weekend down in Boryeong where the famous Mud Festival is held. They claim to have the best mud in the world, and they certainly have my vote since I got to play in it all weekend. It was the most amazing time!

My friends and I got off the bus, dropped our stuff of, and then used paint brushes to paint mud all over our bodies. Sounds ridiculous … and it is ridiculous, but apparently rolling around in mud makes people really happy because the vibe in that city was so energetic! I felt like such a kid. A sea of crazy foreigners like myself and some brave Koreans took over the entire beach and spent the whole day and night really muddy and really happy. I don’t know how else to put it, but that’s the best festival I’ve ever been to in my life, and I’m seriously contemplating giving it one more run before it ends. I don’t think I even had to worry about wearing a pair of shoes the whole time, and I may have looked like a wild-woman covered from head to toe in the world’s best mud, but now my skin is super smooth. Unfortunately for me, the only one really taking pictures were a bunch of staff, so somewhere floating around there’re pictures of my muddy self, but I don’t have them. I do have one of a couple other TaLK scholars we met up with, and it’s a good glimpse of what to expect at what they call the Mud Festival.



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