By Brittney Durbin

For all of you Tiger fans, be it current students , alumni or just anyone who gets a sense of pride by putting on that good ol’ Mizzou black and gold, you already know  the feeling of attending a football game at Faurot Field.

For those of you who are reading this and do NOT have any idea what I am talking about, I encourage you to mosey on over to Columbia, Mo., and experience this firsthand, because it is something quite extraordinary.

Personally,the game is just an added bonus for me. The whole day itself is what really makes me happy about football season. It’s spending a Saturday afternoon (or morning depending on which game it is) hanging out with your friends, and maybe even your family too. It’s everyone coming together in one place, ignoring the differences between one another to support the team.

As I looked at Facebook Saturday night my time, I already saw pictures of my friends rallying the troops to head over to the stadium. Additionally, I got on Twitter and all my friends tweets were filled with #MIZSEC.

Well this season, I do not get to use the recently infamous saying.

Instead, I am here in Spain, and although  I could have studied abroad next semester, I chose the fall knowing that I would miss football season, but not realizing the extent of my longing for the game. Therefore, I have adopted a hashtag all my own: #MIZALC.

ALC is the airport code for Alicante, and although I  love it here, Saturday brought a huge wave of home sickness. I miss my school, but I miss my friends and family even more. I feel this is a good thing though, because feeling this way reminds me that the reason I miss my life back in the U.S. is because I have such wonderful people who make each and every day special, and also one adorable dog.

Nevertheless, I know that this feeling is just part of the study abroad experience, and that hopefully this hit of constantly wanting to go home will quickly pass.

I can’t say I didn’t expect this, because in all pre-departure courses and orientations, the staffs from CIEE and Mizzou warned me this would happen.

It’s just different being an ocean way from the people you love the most. It’s not something you can fully prepare yourself to feel.

On Sunday, in hopes of distracting myself, my friends and I took off to a local beach that is a short train ride away. The name of the beach was San Juan, which consequentially reminded me little of the San Juan I know back in Puerto Rico.

I’m pretty sure if Spain has a fashion police, I would be arrested for wearing this due to it contradicting popular European style, but for me, it felt most appropriate.

I think in the weeks to follow, I’ll adopt more of the Spanish lifestyle. This trip is all about learning more of another culture that is not my own, but  also discovering more about myself along the way.

That in mind, I have only one thing to say:



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