Peñon de Ifach

By Brittney Durbin

Tuesday was the first meeting of Club Español, and to jump start the beginning of the program, the coordinators hosted an activity at Peñon de Ifach.

Well, I later learned that “activity” was a rather under-exaggeration description of what was really in store.

Peñon de Ifach is a landmass. I wouldn’t call it a mountain because it is not really quite that large, but I also wouldn’t call it a hill because it was very difficult to climb in some parts. Also, it was rather far away from Alicante. It took two trains and a bus to get to the bottom of the Peñon. From there began the hour-long hike/climb/crawl to the top of the thing.

Most people on the journey were ecstatic about  the trip. I, however, had mixed feelings.

You see, I stand at a whopping five foot one inch tall, so heights are not exactly my favorite thing. Plus, not expecting this sort of physical activity, I only brought tennis shoes and no ankle brace for my once casted body part.

Despite being a troublesome journey, there were amazing photo-ops along the way. Plus, I have recently discovered that my iPhoto has a great editing program, so I really enjoy taking pictures and trying new things to make it look how I want.

I must admit that when I first reached the top, I did not realize the extent of beauty surrounding me. In fact, I was really regretting signing up for this adventure. But once I caught my breath, drank some water and actually took the time to look around  me instead of at all the dirt covering  my body, I was so grateful for the opportunity.

The most perfectly edited pictures could never fully explain the beauty of this place. The rock, although quite slippery and tough to walk along, formed edges that stood straight up from the ground rather than lay flat. The trees varied from cactus to pine-tree type of things like one might find in Colorado. The water changed from a green to an aqua to a deep, dark blue as it stretched away from the shore line.

Although I do not wish to make that journey again, I am so happy that I toughed it out and made it to the top. I know it is something that I will be able to look back on when I’m older, and once my feet stop hurting, perhaps  all the slipping and falling along the way will make for funny stories… maybe.

Until next time.


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