Murcia, España

By Brittney Durbin

Hello, all!

As promised, we went to Murcia yesterday. Murcia is located south of Alicante, and it was only a short bus ride away.

Little did I know, but Murcia is full of museums and beautiful places to visit. We ended up spending the entire day in the city, and I will say it was well worth the early wake-up call on my day off of school.

Anyway, after arriving we headed off to the first museum. My art teacher actually lead the tour, and I found out we will be returning to the quaint city next month for yet another visit (yay!).

Unfortunately, the first museum did not permit photos, but essentially it was full of old town relics. Apparently the town is know for the procession-type festival in which they display GIANT relics of Jesus, the 12 disciples and the story of his betrayal and crucifixion. The tradition is that many men carry the artifacts around so that all the city can see, and also be reminded of the story and what was done for them so many years ago. (P.S. this whole tour was in Spanish and lasted about two hours, so I’m summarizing greatly).

After the first museum, we moved onto a different part of Murcia. My art teacher took us to this weird looking building, and at first I was terribly confused. However, once the tour began, I learned that this building was constructed around an old part of the city wall, built when the Muslims still had control of the city (not sure what years, but definitely before 1000). It was simply amazing to see such an old piece of history, especially since it has been maintained so well.

After the tour of the wall, we were given free time to eat. Luckily for me, we stumbled across this restaurant, and supposedly the owner was from Italy… I had the BEST pizza of my entire life there. It was seriously soooooo delicious! It definitely made my day/week.

However, the coolest, most interesting thing we visited was the Catedral de Murcia (Cathedral of Murcia). This church was a multi-step construction project that began in the Gothic era, and was recently finished within the past few decades. It was so beautiful, and represented so much of the Spanish culture.

It was hard to get a good photo of the Cathedral because people were always walking by, but you can see the magnificence of the building. It took my breath away, and the inside was equally beautiful. Without a doubt this took a quick second to La Alhambra in the top 5 coolest/most beautiful buildings I have seen in Spain.

This week we have Thursday off of school, so a couple friends and I are trying to throw a trip together (we’ll see how that gets executed… ha).

However, the following weekend (so two weeks from this past Friday) CIEE is taking us to Valencia, and then the next day my boyfriend arrives! We’re going to London while he is here so I’ll have many exciting stories of England, including a post dedicated to the Harry Potter Studios Tour!

Until next time!


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