Oh you fancy, huh?

By Jantsen McBride

Thanksgiving in the United States has always been known to me as a time set aside to be with family and friends while enjoying a delicious, home-cooked meal and a much needed break from school.

This year, Thanksgiving was a little bit different. It started off like any other day. I woke up, went to classes, came home, took a nap and did some school work. There were no smells of ham and fresh rolls wafting through the house, and no cuddle time with little Maxsters — my adorable four-pound Yorkie. Most of all, there was the complete lack of community enthusiasm that is usually present around this festive day.

Instead, the Americans + Marley bought a rotisserie chicken and tried our best to make some side dishes that just couldn’t compare to mom and grandma’s recipes. Lindsay’s mom supplied us with a cardboard turkey centerpiece and a wired cornucopia that helped set the holiday mood. Our Thanksgiving celebration meal consisted of the said rotisserie chicken, canned corn, rolls, cranberry salad (that really contained no cranberries and instead raspberries…) and mashed potatoes. Needless to say, as poor college student,s we weren’t the fanciest. But you know what? It was absolutely lovely. Sitting around the table swapping holiday stories and laughing at Cody’s mannerisms made me realize that while I may be thousands of miles away from my family, home is where the heart is.

After dinner, I called my parents and was fortunate enough to get to speak with my Papa Ledbetter and Aunt Nancy. This was my first Thanksgiving holiday away, but the premise remained the same — to give thanks for all we have been given and to enjoy the company of our loved ones.

Happy (late!) Thanksgiving,



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