It’s so cold in the D…(Dublin)

By Jantsen McBride

The title of this blog was thought up and is credited to my good friend Lindsay. The weather in Dublin was cold, very cold; hence the title. (If you’re looking for a complete waste of time, YouTube ‘It’s So Cold in the D.’)  Right, back to the point of this entry — my weekend trip to Dublin, Ireland.

Lindsay and I planned and booked our trip less than a week before leaving. The conversation went a little like this, “Hey Lindsay, want to go to Ireland?” “Yeah sure I’m game!” So I got on my trusty laptop Shirley, and went about researching transportation and accommodations. With all of the details settled, we set off Friday after class to the land of my father’s ancestors.

First stop on our Irish adventure — the Lancaster train station. We arrived approximately 15 minutes before the train was to leave. I went to get my travel itineraries out of my backpack to print my train tickets, only to realize I brought the wrong papers! So I quickly got in line to beg the train master for my confirmation number. With minutes to spare we found our platform. Our rushed worrying turned out to be needless as our train was twenty minutes delayed. This little problem set us up for another near failure — missing our next three connecting trains. Luckily, when we arrived to the next stop, the connecting platform was five steps away and we were able to get on with only seconds before the doors closed.

Four and a half hours later and it was time to jump on our ferry boat ride from Holyhead, Wales, to Dublin. And let me tell you, we soon realized why most people choose to take a plane to Ireland… The water is extremely rough. Within minutes of being on the ship I was rethinking my decision of mastering the sea. You couldn’t stand up without falling over. The boat was rocking so hard that keeping your eyes open made you dizzy. After two hours I could not have been more ready to step back onto God’s green earth.

We caught a taxi to our darling bed and breakfast, had a fancy dinner at Burger King and settled in for an early evening. Saturday morning consisted of a home cooked English breakfast before setting off to see the city of Dublin. City sightseeing buses are by far the greatest idea ever. We could hop on and off wherever to see the city’s hot spots and had live commentary the whole ride. My favorite stop in Dublin was Kilmainham Gaos. The old 1800’s prison was so enthralling. I love learning about history and stories from a time long ago. We saw the cells of prisoners captured during the great famine for crimes that consisted of stealing loaves of bread to feed their starving families and political prisoners captured during the war for Irish Independence years later.

By the end of the day we were completely spent and quite proud of the amount of sightseeing we took in for one day. Sunday was a repeat of Friday as all we did was travel back home to Lancaster. I promise pictures are to come in one of the next posts!

Hugs and kisses from abroad,



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