Dublin, Ireland: I see you…

By Jantsen McBride

Here are the pictures that I promised from my weekend trip to Dublin, Ireland! Enjoy!

With Love,


This is the foyer of the ferry we took from Holyhead, Wales to Dublin, Ireland.

This is the foyer of the ferry we took from Holyhead, Wales, to Dublin, Ireland.

Our bed and breakfast at the Dergvale Hotel.  What a lovely place to stay in Dublin!

Our bed and breakfast at the Dergvale Hotel. What a lovely place to stay in Dublin!


Lindsay and I in front of Trinity College’s main campus. Trinity college houses the Book of Kells. This book is an illuminated manuscript Gospel book in Latin, containing the four Gospels of the New Testament. It was created by Celtic monks around 800 ca.


The church down the street from our hotel. All of the architecture in Dublin is amazing!


We saw an early Christmas parade! Nothing gets you in the holiday mood better than a few Santas dressed up in Ireland!


Lindsay and I sightseeing in Dublin


Some of the historic buildings in Dublin.


The sightseeing bus we took around the city. The hop on/hop off feature was such a great idea! Get off the bus and see the main sites and hop back on with guided audio.


The park across the street from Oscar Wilde’s historic home in Dublin.


The statue in the park commemorating Oscar Wilde – the famous author and poet. He is one of my favorites!


Downtown Dublin


St. Patrick’s Cathedral


St. Patrick’s Cathedral was founded in 1191. The inside and outside are equally beautiful. Full worship services are available and the church also has a connecting primary school.


The altar of St. Patrick’s


More of St. Patrick’s Cathedral


The stained glass windows let a bit of light into the otherwise dark cathedral.


The stained glass close up


The outside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral


The dogwood tree in front of the church was just gorgeous!


The famous Guinness gate where all of the commercials are filmed!


Outside of the Guinness factory and storehouse. Ireland is known for this dark beer that was created by accident! A couple pieces of Barley fell into the original brewing of a beer and was sold for half price. Customers liked it so much that the brand became what it is today!


Outside of Kilmainham Gaol


The eyehole to one of the prison cells


The Victorian Wing has been the site of many movies that include: “The Italian Job,” “In the Name of the Father,” “Michael Collins,” “The Escapist” and “The Adventures of the Young Indiana Jones.” U2’s music video for “A Celebration” was also filmed in Kilmainham Gaol.


When building the prison, officials believed that by having a sky roof, the light of God would shine down upon the prisoners and clean their dirty souls.


A typical cell in the Irish prison. The idea of solitary confinement was practiced heavily when the jail first opened its’ doors in 1796. But during the Great Famine the prison became overcrowded due to theft and petty crimes. Men, women and children were incarcerated up to 5 in each cell, with only a single candle for light and heat, most of their time was spent in the cold and dark. The candle had to last the prisoner for two weeks.


During the Irish Revolution in the early 1900s, many people were fighting for Irish independence. Those activist were thrown into jail and killed outside on this terrace.


Outside of the English pub we ate at for lunch. The Ireland vs. Argentina rugby match was on television and all of the bars/pubs were packed!


This is a picture of the exercise yard. Prisoners would get one hour of exercise a day. The exercise consisted of walking in a circle around the premise with their heads down. The other 23 hours of a prisoner’s day were spent in the cell.


My artsy photo of looking into the prison cell


Classic English flats. So cute!


Military base in Dublin


Socialist party protest downtown


St Mary’s Chapel of Ease – also known as “The Black Church.” This nickname comes from how the limestone turns a dark shade when wet. Local legend says that if you walk anti-clockwise around the church three times at midnight, you will summon the devil. Count me out!


The outside of our ferry, “The Dublin Swift.”


Lindsay with the shopping bags. Did a little bit of damage while Christmas shopping.


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