By Brittney Durbin

When I was younger, my mother’s job made these shirts that said  “I SURVIVED” in all caps on the front. Looking back I don’t quite remember what it was for, but if I could dig into my wardrobe back home I and find this shirt I would put it on, because I’m surprised I made it through this week!

Let’s be real here: Normally the last two weeks of school are a big pain, because you have tests and papers due. However, for some reason, this week and the next seem even harder than those back in the states!

Let me start by saying I really hate taking tests, but what I hate more is taking tests in my second language (aka Spanish). Especially when it’s not just grammar, but art, legal, and food and wine. I thought studying abroad would be so easy, but in reality it has been very challenging academically.

Plus, the grades are very different, so it is super hard to earn an A or B here. The way one of my professors explained it to me was that they only give out a certain number of A’s per class, and the same with B+, B and B-. So essentially, the average really is a C. In fact, most people here take classes two or three times before finally passing them. However, I’m pretty sure the LTC would have severe punishments if I ever did fail a class. (The LTC is an affectionate nickname for my dad, who is a retired Army lieutenant colonel).

Anyways, I SURVIVED writing four papers in Spanish, but not after losing a fair amount of sleep and typing my fingers ragged. One of my papers ended up being 14 pages with the bibliography and everything! I have only written one other paper that was that long, and it was for an English class I took freshmen year, let alone writing it all in a different language.

I feel pretty accomplished though, and am glad that I picked the liberal arts program over the others. Sometimes I get jealous of the other groups because they do different activities, but when I actually stop and remind myself of what I am doing, I’m very thankful. I mean, how many people can say they took a whole semester’s worth of classes in Spanish?

As a reward/just because, my friends and I are off to Germany in two days!! We are going to Munich, so get ready for another fun-filled blog post of German food and pictures!

Until next time!


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