Killing me softly

By Jantsen McBride


Okay, okay, the title of this blog may be a little dramatic; however, as I prepare for my exams next week I feel like the Fugee’s song is an accurate representation of my stress levels at the moment. I have three exams next week. Normally, back home this is a typical light week of testing… but here at Lancaster, over half my grade is based on this one exam. To make matters worse, the testing format is as followed: you receive your exam and have one hour to write about one of two topics given. This is terrifying. What if I don’t know anything about either of the topics? (Which is a fair concern considering cell biology is way over my head and more similar to that of a grad level class!) There is no room for guessing or having a 25 percent chance from multiple choice. You either know the answer or you don’t. I have spent countless hours looking over notes, writing and rewriting practice exam questions and memorizing facts and figures that sound like they could be their own language. To put it lightly, I am hoping to just pass my classes. Coming from someone who is super anal about grades, this speaks volumes. I cried freshman year when I got an A- in my music history class; now, I’m just hoping to pass! As I prepare to take exams, it is also interesting to note there is no reading week. I am still going to class every day for a few hours and the campus is not on academic lock-down as students prepare for tests. Most UK students do not take their exams until the end of the year in June. To me, this is unfathomable. You wait almost a whole year from the time you learned the material until you are tested over it. So, on the bright side I guess I am somewhat lucky to just be getting the darn things over with.

To conclude this “feel sorry for me” blog entry, say a prayer for me… Or two… Or 8.

Love and all that feel goody stuff,



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